Samsung Galaxy S9 has only one camera in the back, according to a leaked photo

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Dual camera is a reality in many Chinese smartphones of the middle range, but the most prominent brands in the high range play with a design that usually shows a model of its new phone with a normal camera and a Premium model with a Dual sensor. It seems like the Samsung Galaxy S9 will have one camera in its standard model and a double one on the S9+.

Previously seen as a differentiating feature – there we have Huawei’s marketing strategy focused on it for the launch of its Huawei P9 -, today the Dual camera is a feature we’ve grown used to find in smartphones. In fact, many Asian brands such as Oppo, Honor or Xiaomi already include them in their most potent devices from the middle range. But some occidental brands like Apple, use them to differentiate their models, for example there we have an iPhone 8 and 8 Plus from this year, the first one having only a photographic sensor on the back and the second one with a double one so the users can choose, it seems like we’ll have the same thing with Samsung’s new flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S9 with only a back camera

With a rhythm of daily rumors that will keep on growing until the MWC 2018, today we speak about one that appeared in the last hours, a picture: a picture of the back panel that, supposedly, will have the Samsung Galaxy S9 and that shows a design in which, if we fill in the holes, we’d have just enough space for an individual camera module on the upper side of the vertical rectangle we see. Just below that it would be the fingerprint reader and the Flash and the LED would be on the side.

Samsung Galaxy S9

This adds up to all the information that appeared and that indicates that the Dual camera will be an exclusive feature of the Samsung Galaxy S9+. If this happens to be true, the Korean brand would choose a similar approach as Apple, differentiating both models not only in size but also in features like this one. The introduction of the dual camera in the Galaxy S family would represent an upgrade respect to the S8 and S8+ models, that did not have it and we had to wait until the Galaxy Note 8 to see it.

More battery

The renders and designs shown present an S9 with a not-too-different aspect from the S8, although internally the difference will be noticed. In fact, yesterday we learned that they will have a 3.200mAh battery, which is already an upgrade in comparison to the 3.000mAh battery from the S8. Still, everything surrounding this two new smartphones, with which Samsung wants to lead the market in 2018, is not confirmed until we see the finished devices.

Samsung Galaxy S9

In fact, what if they surprise us? Like this morning, when the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+ confirmed that they will come with a double frontal camera and an individual one in the back, in a design with the Infinity Display. The renders of our friend EvLeak leave no doubt that they are based in the official design of the S9, but there can always be a last minute design surprise.

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