Microsoft will discontinue HomeGroup on Windows 10

Microsoft revealed before the launch of Windows 10 that this would be its last OS and for the moment they are keeping their word. Every now and then they release updates of bigger or smaller importance and with a different surname but it maintains the same version. One of these big updates is the Redstone 4, expected to launch on the spring of 2018 and it will bring about quite a change: the HomeGroup will cease to exist for Windows 10.

Little by little the news and changes that will arrive to our computers with the Windows 10 Redstone 4 are being announced. In the last hours, we learned that this version will introduce security questions as a way of recuperating the startup password and also that the company will kill the HomeGroup. This function of the OS was introduced before the cloud ‘trend’ and the smartphones growth and it seems like nowadays it lacks reason for existing as it was once conceived.


Microsoft bets on the cloud: the HomeGroup will cease to exist with Windows 10 Redstone 4

Now Microsoft wants to keep on betting on the local connectivity in the same way the HomeGroup helped us but more focused on the cloud services. The connection to computers and printers – among other devices – in the domestic network is simpler than ever with the Share options or using OneDrive. The American company itself has explained this and reminded us that is easier than ever and fast connecting devices and sharing content.

This way, Microsoft has started to recommend to its users the use of the options on the Share menu to use their shared folders or printers in their household. At the same time, it reminds them to move to OneDrive as a platform for file exchange and cloud storage also connected to the network. With this, the HomeGroup will keep on working on computers until Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, but it will not be available on the following versions.

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