Google Chrome for Windows 10, available on Microsoft’s store

Google Chrome

Maybe it sounds weird, but it’s a fact. Google Chrome, the browser from the search giant, is available on Microsoft’s store. It’s the Windows 10 version. Google has never been an advocate of Microsoft’s modern applications, this is why the Company has almost never released versions of its apps for Windows 10 on Microsoft Store.

Google Chrome releases installer on Microsoft’s store

However, today a Google Chrome installer appeared on Microsoft’s store. This allows the users to start the installation of Google’s browser without having to manually load the official website to obtain it.

There’s no need to say that this is not the most complete Google Chrome version, but only an installer that works as an easy way to download the browser. Google itself mentions on the list of Microsoft’s store that this installer won’t work on Windows 10 S, the Windows 10 version restricted to Windows 10 apps on the store with no authorization to install the Win32 software.

As we know, Windows 10 S can be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro in case of needing the Win32 software, including Google’s browser.

Even though this could make many people think that Google could launch a UWP version of Google Chrome that is not the case. Although this could be very useful for the Windows 10S users. This particular Windows 10 version is focused on the education sector, so by launching a Microsoft Store Chrome version, Google could ensure that its browser also grows in this sector.

Google also has an Xbox One YouTube app on Microsoft’s store, but the installer is quite an important addition since it’s focused on the PC.

For the time being, nevertheless, Google Chrome is still a program exclusive to desktop computers and the arrival of the installer to Microsoft’s store is the first important step of the company towards Windows 10.

Future Benefits

It will be interesting to see if Google plans on benefiting from the growth of Microsoft’s store and how, although at this time, many big companies do not show interest in developing UWP apps.

As we know, Google Chrome is the user’s favorite browser. It is available on the different platforms on the market. It is the leader on computers as well as on mobile devices. It is quite ahead from its biggest competitor, Mozilla Firefox.

There’s even more distance between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Microsoft’s browser was a bet for Windows 10 but it hasn’t made enough impact on users. We’ll have to see what happens in the future. Still, at least in the short term, Chrome has no rival.

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