Get the iPhone X’s Face ID on any Android phone

Face ID

One of the most interesting novelties of Apple’s latest phone has been the presence of Face ID, a facial recognition system that is the best in the market and replaces the fingerprint sensor, and today we will teach you how to get it on any Android phone.

For many years, we have seen that facial recognition is featured on Android, but it is a technology that has failed to grow and that has been abandoned by developers. This technology could be seen in Smart Lock, Android’s service used to easily unlock your phone, but given that nobody used it, it did not evolve.

Will every iPhone get the iPhone X’s Face ID in 2018?

Then Samsung drew people’s interest again in this matter when it unveiled its iris scanner and an improved facial recognition. Little by little, we have seen that most brands have launched something similar, like LG, OnePlus or Apple, although that of Apple’s was a totally different system with the same idea: it was based on several sensors, including depth sensors, to recognize all the points of your face and unlock the phone only when you were looking at it.

And can I get the OnePlus 5T’s facial recognition on my phone?

Face ID

The answer is easy: yes. We can have a recognition system like that of the OnePlus 5T or like Apple’s Face ID in our Android, and the truth is that it works really well. What OnePlus has done is to use its Google API that unlocks the phone with the face and then improve it to the point that it is one of the best right now.

Now we are going to teach you how to do it, but the basis of this process is very easy: to use Android’s facial recognition that worked so poorly before, activate it, and improve it thanks to external apps. So, if you have a phone with Android 5.0 or a newer version, you can follow this steps:

  • Make sure that your phone is rooted to follow this whole process. If that is not the case, we will teach you how to do it easily
  • Enable Smart Lock, which is Android’s facial recognition, in Settings > Security. You will have to create a pin or pattern for security reasons if you do not have one already
  • Download Xposed here
  • Install this module for Xposed called InstantFaceUnlock. To install it, we will have to open Xposed, go to the downloads section and then to the apps’ modules section. If we downloaded the module correctly, it will be shown there and we will only have to select it
  • Now, the feature will be ready and we can set it up from there so that we can use our face to unlock the phone faster and without the need to swipe the home screen.

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