One of the easiest ways to enhance the performance of your computer is to install an SSD. With it, the computer will seem like a completely new device, faster in every aspect, from daily use to gaming experiences. Today we’ll analyze which SSD to put on a computer in order to enhance its performance. Since […]

Microsoft revealed before the launch of Windows 10 that this would be its last OS and for the moment they are keeping their word. Every now and then they release updates of bigger or smaller importance and with a different surname but it maintains the same version. One of these big updates is the Redstone […]

The battle for the middle ranges of the market is becoming more vicious than ever, because the manufacturers of processors just open up the middle ranges and allow more and more models and powers to enter and compete in the same arena. But this makes it very complicated to classify them most of the time, […]

Maybe it sounds weird, but it’s a fact. Google Chrome, the browser from the search giant, is available on Microsoft’s store. It’s the Windows 10 version. Google has never been an advocate of Microsoft’s modern applications, this is why the Company has almost never released versions of its apps for Windows 10 on Microsoft Store. […]

Today we present to you a complete analysis of the high performance NETGEAR R9000 Nighthawk X10 neutral router, a device with the best hardware on the market, and with very complete firmware that will allow us to wring the maximum out of it. If you are searching for a top range router, and you consume […]